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I Am My Sisters Keeper 

Sisters in Business Michigan is an initiative started by 4 Sisters, The Parker Sisters, of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2017. The goal is to create a safe space for women of color entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, thought-leaders and creatives to network, strategize and build.

Mission and Vision 

The mission of Sisters in Business is to create a space for Black and Brown women to connect, collaborate, and build community, while removing economic barriers.

Our vision is to build a community fund that invest in the businesses of the members of Sisters in Business, through pitch competitions, grants, scholarships, and awards. 

Core Values: A B C's of SIBs 


Advance: Advance goals and dreams of Black and Brown women by investing resources and time


Build a healthy community of women who become sisters that are supportive and empowered


 Create spaces and opportunities that inspires innovation, creativity and wealth.

The Parker Sisters


Welcome to the sisterhood! We are Alisa, Tiffany, Teleshia and Nicole Parker the creators of Sisters In Business. As biological sisters, we know the importance of sisterhood, support, and community. Whether you have attended a SIBs event, a part of our online community, or seeking a space, know that we are here for you! We look forward to building together #IAmMySistersKeeper 

SIBs Community 

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